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20 thoughts on “Dealing with Performance Anxiety: 620×2 PR Squat and 395 PR

  1. Decided that I would add some thoughts to the discussion about stress and
    the pressure of performance. All while hitting some Lifetime Squat and
    Bench PRs =)

  2. Interesting commentary on outcome independence my man. Outcome independence
    is a fairly ironic concept. The less you invest you in the outcome, the
    more resources you free up to invest in the input. When your focus is more
    vested in the process, which contains the only variables you have a degree
    of control over, the typical result is an improved outcome.

  3. Sup ben. Just wondering if you knew why when fatigued or at maximal weights
    you you shift on bench and end up with an uneven lockout. Do you plan on
    addressing this in the future? Just wondering have a good day/night.

  4. Seeing how happy you were after that Bench PR gave me goosebumps. Amazing
    session Ben! Keep those PRs rolling! =)

  5. I couldn’t care less about powerlifting, but I still watch and like every
    video of yours because of your attitude and your positivity

  6. I still don’t get how Garrett Blevins and you after more than a decade
    lifting still make gains faster than me. I guess my programming sucks, or
    maybe them roids really work well. Just joking, next meet you have at least
    both a squat and bench PR!!

  7. Great to see the excitement of reaping the seeds you’ve planned over time.
    Well done. That squat top set was solid, even looked like a RPE 9,5. So a
    bit more weight fir a double by the looks of it. 

  8. Excellent discussion. I would say you hit the nail on the hit there
    regarding the nature of how things are subject to randomness as well as how
    to behave and continue to work in light of that.

    Also, congratulations on the PR’s. Gon’ be more on the way. ;)

  9. 405, 405, 405, 405, 405!!! . . .Guess you will have to hit 400 first
    though. . . 405! 405! Come on Ben you can do it!

  10. Dude, amazing job on the bench PR, that was sick! Love the passion after
    hitting it… 400 next up then the big 405!!!!!!!! Keep killing it sir

  11. do you think your right arm being weaer in your bench than your left is
    something you ca fix or ust something you have to grind? if it is something
    you can fix how would you?

  12. Many high-performing people have high expectations, and high anxiety too.
    It is a blessing and a curse. Best is to channel it wisely and try to relax
    away from your performances!

  13. Great video, it reminds me of Pete Rubish and how he has recently talked
    about how he wants to be a better person and not just some strong lifter.
    He said he doesnt want to be known just for his lifting. I too love lifting
    but I need to remind myself sometimes that at the end of the day, it is
    almost like a hobby for me.

  14. I am not qualified in any capacity to critique your bench form and you are
    so much stronger than me and your setup does not look uneven however, could
    you be setting up slightly in evenly or using one leg more than the other
    and as a result alightly rotating? Obviously with lesser weight you could
    compensate but as it gets heavier the velocity would increase. I am sure
    you of all people would have noticed if this was the case, just my 2 pence
    (I’m English haha).

    Quick question for you too, something that might help me out, do you focus
    on increasing your total weight lifted per workout or would you rather
    increase the weight you lift on your top set at a large decrease in volume?
    I’m trying to get more progression and think I should focus more on volume
    but this will I. Turn reduce total weight per set. I seem to be very up and
    down with my workouts so I want some consistency with the weights I’m
    lifting. Hope that makes sense.

    Thanks bro!

  15. That smile of “Oh that was totally worth it” after a double on squats. Keep
    up the great work! I am contemplating competing at the USPA meet in
    Kennewick WA. Any chance I might meet you?

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