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20 thoughts on “Epic Sized MTS Nutrition Unboxing

  1. i just got the machine fuel, cookies & cream whey, and peanut butter fluff
    whey. brutal honest review on my channel coming in a week

  2. Wicked is Boston thing 😉 But it is said all over New England, even though
    you live in Upstate NY. nice flavors! i wish i could try them!

  3. the amount of brandon campbell thats what she said’s in this video is
    astonishing – lol – good vid :)

  4. For the greens powder what do you mix it in with.. Ima buy the MTS WHEY
    this weekend with ur link for sure thanks girl..

  5. That’s where all the grape machine fuel went! Lol. Out stock right now.
    Seems to be always when I’m almost out too…. Grape is by far my favorite.

  6. I normally only buy from GNC but because kara is so awesome im going to try
    this tiger fitness stuff.I really hope im not disappointed,what flavors do
    you suggest for mts whey?

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