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Final fat meltdown 30 days to weight loss

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Ive told you about the physical changes that have occurred during the time worked with dawn, but just as important, maybe more so, is the mental mindset she helped me develop.
I was a person scared to hard, fearful because of my inflexibility and my lack of balance, my weight, and things that past pe teachers and coaches had said.
cut through all .
genuinely my progress from class to , exercise to , to the number of reps i could do with proper form to the i was able to .
didnt judge how of shape id let myself become, focused on my improvements and kept telling me i was only getting better and fitter.
In eyes i stronger, and lose the and it happened under coaching.
Most importantly, it in the right way, not some fad or risky trend.though moved of state and can no longer train with , is the new voice in my head, sort of like a ripped angel on my shoulder me that the answer is , i do this , this , this clean eating recipe and right choice makes me , leaner and overall healthier.

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