Alkaline diet for IMPROVED fat loss and health?

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The TRUTH about sugar intake and fat loss!

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How to make meal plans that SHRED fat!

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My Beer and Hangover Analogy for Calorie Balance, Fats and Carbs

People confuse easy points. Mainstream media is primarily about taking something that's simple and making it controversial. But, the ways fats and carbs affect calorie balance, and therefore fat loss or gain, is simple. I make it simple to some clients by using a beer and hangover analogy, because some

WHAT You Must Do For Fat Loss vs. HOW You Do It

We know what allows for fat loss. We know what happens, we know why it happens, and it's beyond dispute. But HOW you achieve that effect is big. How determines whether or not you can stick to the diet for any length of time. How determines if you enjoy your

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