The Zwift Aerobic Round Robin

Happy New Year from Tailwind Coaching! I’ve got a couple of tips to help you build better fitness in 2018, along with a killer new aerobic Zwift workout! Check it out at and look for the “Aerobic Round Robin!"

aerobic training

Learn to burn fat, train slower, be more healthy and in return you will perform faster short or long course events

Start Afresh Fat-loss Pyramid

Learn how what you need to focus on to lose bodyfat and get healthy. You can have all the best diets and exercise programmes in the world but if your mindset isn't right then then rest is just stuff. If you need any help please contact me. Theres always time

Aerobic Training: 5 easy-to-make mistakes that plague new coaches

Author: Brandon Brown, MS IFASTU's own Brandon Brown is an adjunct professor of Exercise Physiology. This month, he shares 5 of the biggest mistakes he's made in trying to understand the aerobic energy system, as well as what he does now instead. For more reading about aerobic energy development, Brandon recommends: • Exercise

Podcast ep 38 protein Myths

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