Alkaline diet for IMPROVED fat loss and health?

Check out last week's blog entry about whether or not sugar is addictive! (audio available) Check out last week's Video: If you're interested in becoming a member: Let's be friends! Facebook: Instagram: Studies: [1] [2] Music provided by Argofox: Rewayde - Dreams God bless!

The TRUTH about sugar intake and fat loss!

How fat storage works (super simplified): I wrote an article as a follow up to this video! If you're interested in becoming a member: Let's be friends! Facebook: Instagram: Studies comparing low sugar vs high sugar diets for fat loss: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] Royalty Free Music: ●DJ Quads - Birds And The Bees ●Song/Free Download - ●Follow

Mini Cut Begins

Mini Cut starts now and I explain why and how I am going to start. Fat loss for a short time frame is not something I usually suggest but for me it will have a large impact as I am still pretty lean. I have also been training for 20

Is Cardio Necessary for Weight Loss?

Low heart rate cardio is the king of cardio. Learn how to burn fat ONLY and maintain muscle. Here I show you how to calculate your heart rate for the fat burning zone. Facebook: EO Fitness and Nutrition Instagram: @eofit_nut Snapchat: @eofit_nut

What Foods to Eat while Cutting

FREE Download the Master of Macros: The Fat Loss Diet I use: Outside of Calories and Macros, the foods you eat make the biggest difference in your fat loss plan. Strictly for fat loss it doesn't matter what you eat. Professor Mark Haub lost more than 20 pounds on a

How to Track Fat Loss Progress

FREE Master of Macros: My Fat Loss Diet: Music by ThatKidGoran: The thing about calorie formulas is that they are all estimations. You set your calorie deficit based on them in the beginning. But you always adjust it based on results, the rate of fat loss. This is why

Why Believe Layne Norton Is Natural

Simply my opinion on how to decide if someone is natural or not. It's important to educate yourself about what is achievable for AVERAGE people, which you unfortunately probably are, so you... 6027