CJ’s WORLD FAMOUS Basa Recipe!!

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5 weight loss tips

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Homemade cheese burger – new recipe – minute meals

It's the return of minute meals - Healthy option/alternatives shown in under one minute. Unfortunately they take a little longer than one minute to cook but less than 15 mins ;) As we promote regular exercise alongside 'sustainable' healthy balanced nutrition here is my latest cheeseburger recipe for you to try. If

3 KEY Fundamental Ways To ENSURE Weight Loss

Are you tired of trying to 'eat healthy and workout' and still not seeing results on our weight loss journey?? Feel like you've hit a weight loss 'plateau' ? Well look no further! In today's video, I got over 3 fundamental KEY things you must do in order to 100%

Yoga pants Xtreme Workout Yoga Fit Female Trainer Yoga Fitness leggings Poses and workout

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Diet Myth: “Natural Sugars”

Men's Health PT of the Year Alexander Chaple outlines how the food industry has convinced us that "natural sugars" are a preferable and healthy alternative to unnatural sugars and therefore less damaging to our fat loss efforts... Please, let us know what you think! Click to read/watch the full blog -