The Truth Behind Female Fat Loss

A lot of the time Women are looked upon as being smaller versions of men!! But this couldn't be further from the truth. The female body experiences massive changes every month and this video explains how to best plan your fat loss journey.

Lose belly fat FAST | Truth Revealed

THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! *FIST-BUMP 👊* Losing belly fat is a hard thing to do, actually losing fat is a hard thing to do. in this video We will shatter the myth of fat loss! The Foam roller I use: We're uploading new videos every week on our YouTube channel | Also give

Barbell Complexes for fat loss – Part 1

A popular training technique which I like to use is Barbell Complexes. This is a great fat burning technique that will leave you feeling exhausted but proud! Barbell Complexes consist of multiple exercises done consecutively. Beginner Complex Back squat x 8-10 reps Bent over row x 8-10 reps Deadlight x 8-10 reps repeat 3-4

Aerobic Workout with Cynthia Rothrock

This is the OFFICIAL CYNTHIA ROTHROCK CHANNEL I found this great video on aerobic and working out that I did awhile back. There are many great moves in here that I still do today. It's a fun workout and I know you will enjoy it. Be sure to subscribe to this YouTube

Photo Essay With Gracyanne Barbosa | Fitness Motivation

Hot Russians girls ARE beautiful. It’s not a myth. But they are not so easy to chat up as you may think. That is why you can visit my website and learn how to date them Photo Essay With Gracyanne Barbosa | Fitness Motivation Video sources:  Gracyanne barbosa Makeup: cinthia silva Production: reinaldo drummond