Vitality Espresso Coffee Recipe |

Kick-start your morning shake with Complete Vitality in Chocolate combined with rich, aromatic espresso. Simply blend the ingredients together and serve over ice to begin your day with all the key nutrients your body needs. Makes: 1 shake Ingredients: • 1 scoop Complete Vitality (Chocolate flavour) • Double shot (50ml) espresso • 300ml milk • 8-10

Banana Pecan Protein Pancakes Recipe |

Cook yourself a batch of these delicious banana and pecan protein pancakes for breakfast or as a healthy snack. Serves: 2 Ingredients: Pancakes: 2 large scoops Myprotein protein pancake mix (Maple flavour) 2 large scoops Myprotein protein pancake mix (Chocolate flavour) 300ml milk Coconpure for frying Chocolate sauce: 4 tbsp. Myprotein almond butter (smooth) 2 tsp. cocoa powder Squeeze Myprotein sugar-free

Easter Recipe – Soft-Boiled Eggs Medley and Soldiers | Myprotein

Mix it up for breakfast this Easter by putting some new eggs and soldiers on the menu. Quail, goose and duck eggs are considered a delicacy all over the world and boast rich, flavoursome yolks, perfectly complemented by sweet and salty soldiers. Ingredients Eggs: Duck eggs Goose eggs Quail eggs Soldiers: 2 slices rye bread 2 tbsp. Myprotein

Is IIFYM The Best Diet? A Critique of IIFYM.

If It Fits Your Macros is a popular dietary method for fat loss and body compositional improvements. In this video, Director Jacob Schepis delves into whether or not it is the 'best' approach to nutrition for everyone, and what needs to be considered when adopting any diet. To take your training