RIP Rich Piana 1971-2017. Sad week for Bodybuilding.

This is a sad week for bodybuilding, after Dallas , its now Rich Piana. Rich Piana was the most influential figure in bodybuilding. He never turned Pro, but was a successful owner of a youtube channel ,supplement company and clothing line. Music - Video credits - generation iron 2 and Rich

Top 10 Testosterone Booster For Bodybuilding And Fat Loss

Here are top supplements used for bodybuilding to increase testosterone level and also fat loss program. So friends who need to make their body see masculine and want to shred their fat to extreme do have one of them. (1)Testofuel----- (2)Prime Male Test Booster ------ (3)Universal Nutrition Animal Test------- (4)MuscleTech TEST HD-- (5)Cellucor COR-Performance ZMA---- (6)BPI


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Behind The Muscle: Glycolog Explained with the Guerilla Chemist

On this episode of Behind The Muscle, the Guerrilla Chemist discusses the latest Blackstone Labs product Glycolog, a nutrient partitioning agent. He discusses all the science of the insulin pathway and how each ingredient plays a key role in maximizing insulin use for building muscle and/or controlling insulin for fat