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Tampa Pro Recap on Heavy Muscle Radio (8/7/17)

Dave Palumbo and Chris Aceto are back for another episode of Heavy Muscle Radio. The two break down this past weekend’s Tampa Pro, which saw Josh Lenartowicz, Derek Lunsford, Sheila Bleck, George Peterson, Antoine Weatherspoon, Jennifer Taylor, Myriam Capes, Maria Luisa Baez, and Elise Pecini walk away as the big winners.

Plus, is Phil Heath suing a supplement company for using his likeness in a recent social media feud?

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7 thoughts on “Tampa Pro Recap on Heavy Muscle Radio (8/7/17)

  1. Chris why the fuck you sound like a hater . Lately you so sarcastic and only praising whoever you like or prep .
    You have not accomplished anything in BB when you were competing .

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