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Trampoline 8 Foot Aerobic Medalist

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This is not designed for high jumping, but is to be the perfect platform for exercising. It may be used indoors or outdoors. This cool little measures feet in diameter and stands 21 inches Kids Love This Tiny Frame: ft 1 5/” 16 ga. Galvanized steel. This stands 21 tall. Pad: The features a heavy 1 oz. vinyl-coat cover on top. The back is made with poly mesh which allows the to breathe and let rain and moisture. Inside the are 2 layers of closed cell foam. The is attached to the with strong high-quality ties. Bed: The black jump-bed is with grade polypropylene The edges of the are reinforced with a boarder strengthens and the material where it attaches to the springs and helps eliminate the natural motion in the during The Uv protected thread minimizes the damaging effects of the sun. The Jump-beds are built to withstand all types of weather and wear, without costly repairs. There are #4 that are each 7 long. The are and tapered. Manufacturer’s Warranty: The offers a full 5 year on all parts. (frame, and Stitching) The covers defects in materials and workmanship and normal Most all other warranties only, with a shorter time period depending on the

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